Discography :
Jonny Kinkaid/Jon.k

2029 (LP) Jonny Kinkaid and the Imaginary Nowhere Band – Raving Pop Blast. Out march 2018.

Cloud 9 (the Rocker Session) – Jonny Kinkaid and the Imaginary Nowhere Band – , Local Underground (download only single) out Feb 9th 2018.

F is for Fascist, dandelion Radio session EP – Jonny Kinkaid and the Imaginary Nowhere Band – (TBA) Environmental studies.

The Velvet Session, dandelion Radio session EP – Jonny Kinkaid and the Imaginary Nowhere Band – (TBA) Environmental studies.

vampire EP (Cassette)

Jonny Kinkaid and the Imaginary Nowhere Band – Environmental studies.

indiepopkidversesthedemonsoftimeandspace LP Jon K – Break 017

vampires EP (CD)

Jonny Kinkaid and the Imaginary Nowhere Band – Break 020

The Bathroom sessions (LP)
Jonny Kinkaid and the Imaginary Nowhere Band – Break 024

The Charlie Tipper Experiment/Conspiracy/arrest?
Ride Out The Charlie Tipper Experiment – Break 009
Mellow On (LP) The Charlie Tipper Experiment – Break 012
Break 014 The Charlie Tipper Experiment- You Made Me Homeless
Break 015 The Charlie Tipper Experiment- Rock and Roll Dreaming
Break 016 The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy – Ten (10inch mini LP)
Break 018 The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy – Clock on the Wall EP
Break 019 The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy – Shutters Down EP
Break 021 Helen McCookerybook/Charlie Tipper – Femme Fatale
Break 022 The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy – The Network EP
Break 023 The Astonishing Rise of Charlie Tipper

Co-incidental Music (2001), 555 Music
Unpure Disco (2001), Pet Sounds

Beatnik filmstars
Maharishi (1991), Big Sky
Clothes” (1992), Summershine
Themes for forever drone

The groove farm

SORE HEADS AND HAPPY HEARTS (Raving Pop Blast! Records. 7 INCH EP) 1986. Heaven Is Blue/ It Always Rains On Sunday/ Gods Tears/ My Feet Keep Slipping.
The sleeves were available in four colours : yellow, blue, pink and green. First pressing does not have a Revolver/Cartel logo on the back. Labels were coloured by hand.

ONLY THE MOST IGNORANT GUTLESS SHEEP-BRAINED POLTROON CAN DENY THEM NOW (Raving Pop Blast! 7 INCH EP) 1987. In The Summertime / Surfin Impossible! / Captain Fantastic / Couldnt Get To Sleep.

BABY BLUE MARINE (Kvatch Flexi Disc) 1987
Flexi Disc given free with Kvatch Fanzine made by Claire Wadd who later became half of Sarah Records. Also Featured on disc : The Sea Urchins Cling Film.

SURFIN INTO YOUR HEART / Me! Me! Me! (Subway 7 INCH) 1987

Surfin Into Your Heart / Me! Me! Me! / Hawaii Five Seconds / Turning Me Upside Down / What Better Way To be/ / No Friend Of Mine. (Note! Last Track a Sparkles cover version)

SURFIN INTO YOUR HEART (Fab Records German compilation LP The Bizarre Beauties) Other artists include : Swinging London, The Risk, The Chemistry Set, Birdy Num Nums etc

THE BEST PART OF BEING WITH YOU / CRAZY DAY SUNSHINE GIRL (Subway compilation LP- Surfin In The Subway) 1987
Other artists featured include The Flatmates, The Chesterfields, Razorcuts, Rosehips, Bubblegum Splash! Etc

The Big Black Plastic Explosion/ Nancy Sinatra/ Baby Blue Marine/ Riot On Sunset Strip/ Red Dress. (Note! Last Track an Alvin Stardust Cover version)

Driving In Your New Car (Mini Mix) / Expanding Reindeer / I Cant Dance With You/ Epistile To Dippy. (Note! Last track a Donovan cover version)

ALVIN IS KING (Subway LP) 1988
(Out Of My Mind) Over You/ An Average Day In The Life/ What Better Way To Be?/ Empty Heart/ Back Of My Mind/ Timebomb!/ Sad For You/ Driving In Your New Car/ The Time Is Now/ (I Cant Stand) Another Sunny Day.

HEAVEN IS BLUE (Woosh Flexi disc) 1988
A re recorded version of the first GF song, recorded onto a cassette, at a rehearsal. Also featured on this red vinyl flexi : Esmereldas Kite : Vampire Girl.

HATE US AND WE’LL LOVE YOU TO DEATH (Raving Pop Blast! 12 INCH EP) 1989 Cloud 8 / Strum / Shine/ She Is So/ Out Of My Mind Over You (Live)

NUMBER ONE (ROUGH) (Breaking Down records Airspace Charity compilation LP) 1989
Other artists featured include : Field Mice, Cud, Flatmates, Rosehips, Five Year Plan, Close Lobsters etc.

PLUG ( THE STORY OF POP SO FAR) (Raving Pop Blast! LP)
Im Never Going To Fall In Love Again / I Dont Blame You / Please Dont Make Me Unhappy / World Would Die For You / Number One / Its Not That I cant Its Just That I Dont Want To / No One Like You / It Might Not Mean That Much To You But It Means A Lot To Me / Corrupt / Drag Me Under / Discotheque / I Dont Like You (But I Cant get Used To It) / Forever Is A Long Time / Plug.

JUST A SILLY PHASE IM GOING THROUGH (Breaking Down Records Airspace II The Sequal Charity Compilation LP) 1990
Other artists include : Brilliant Corners, Darling Buds, Wedding Present, Close Lobsters, Mega City Four, Jesse Garron & The Desperadoes, Heavenly, St. Christopher, etc

PRESENT (Raving Pop Blast! 12 INCH EP) 1990
Stop/ Close/ Just A Silly Phase Im Going Through/ Basil/ Everybody Needs Someone To Love Them While Theyre Looking For Someone To Love.

BAGISM (Raving Pop Blast! 7 INCH EP) 1990
Surfin Into Your Heart/ The Best Part Of Being With You/ Captain Fantastic/ Danny Says. First three tracks all record live at the last show. Last track Ramones cover version, radio session recording. There were to be three of these limited edition EPs all with hand coloured labels and paint splashed sleeves, but the tapes of the following two EPs were lost even though the sleeves were printed Shagism and Ismism all words from Lennons Give Peace A Chance incase youre wondering!

THE BIG BLACK PLASTIC EXPLOSION (Subway compilation CD Whole Wide World) 1991
Other artists include Chesterfields, Flatmates, Rosehips, Soup Dragons, Razorcuts etc

Heaven Is Blue / Just A Silly Phase / Baby Blue Marine (Radio session version) / Please Dont Make Me Unhappy / The Best Part Of Being With You / Sad For You (Alternate version) / What Better Way To Be? (4 track demo version) / It Always rains On Sunday / Strum / Captain Fantastic (Radio session version) / Baby Blue Marine (Flexi version) / Surfin Into Your Heart (Live) / The Big Black Plastic Explosion (Alternate Version) / Gods tears / Couldnt Get To Sleep / Basil / Crazy day Sunshine Girl / It Might Not Mean That Much To You but It Means A Lot To Me / nancy Sinatra (Alternate version)/ Turning Me Upside Down (Radio session version) / In The Summertime / No One Like You / Plus two hidden bonus tracks live at Glastonbury festival 1987, Heaven Is blue / The Best Part Of being With You.

TOTALLY TOTAL (Mobstar CD) 2001
Live and Demo Collection.
Live tracks : Cloud 8 / Captain Fantastic / Surfin Into Your Heart / Baby Blue Marine / Dont You Try That Old Routine On Me / Couldnt Get To Sleep / Back Of My Mind / Crazy Day Sunshine Girl / Nancy Sinatra / Heaven Is Blue / Time bomb! / Stop! / The Big Black Plastic Explosion / Surfin Into Your Heart / Surfin Impossible! / The Best Part Of Being With You / It Always Rains On Sunday / (Note! All live tracks are of varing quality depending on the way they were both recorded and played!) Demos Tracks: Valleri (Monkees cover version) / Get Out Of My Life / Turning Me Upside Down / Captain Fantastic / Heaven Is Blue / Oh Gosh! / Surfin Impossible! / Step Inside Love (Cilla Black cover version) / You Cant Deny It, Can You? / Basil / Somethings Strange About The Rain.

BABY BLUE MARINE (LIVE) / COULDNT GET TO SLEEP (LIVE) (Mobstar CDr The Mobstar Pop Frenzy Weekend- The Official (Non-Official) Bootleg) 2001
Two tracks recorded live from the reunion show, featured here alongside Boyracer, Lunchbox, Gravenhurst, Movietone, Girlboy Girl and others playing at the Mobstar weekender.

JUST A SILLY PHASE I’M GOING THROUGH (Firestation Towers Records Compilation CD The Sound Of Lemington SpaVol 2) 2002
Other artists include : Phil Wilson, Benny Profane, Bob Hope etc

THE BEST PART OF BEING WITH YOU (Mute Records Compilation CD Rough Trade Shops, Indiepop Vol 1) 2005
Other artists include : Primal Scream, Sea Urchins, Jesus & Mary Chain, Felt, Shop Assistants, Wedding Present, Heavenly, Field Mice, Talulah Gosh, Beat Happening, My Bloody Valentine, Josef K, June Brides, Pastels, Vaselines, Bis etc

ANORAKNOPHOBIA -LIVE AT THE TROPIC CLUB AUG 87′ (Raving Pop Blast! POP BLAST 2) Surifin’ Impossible! / The Best Part Of Being With You / In The Summertime / Captain Fantastic / Get Out Of My Life / What Better Way To be? / I Could Be In Heaven / Surfin’ Into Your Heart / Heaven Is Blue / No Friend Of Mine.

WHEN MATT MET CLARE’ (Live at Transport House, March 1987) (Raving Pop Blast! POP BLAST 1)
My Feet keep Slipping /Watching The World Go By / Couldn’t Get To Sleep / Captain Fantastic / It Always rains On Sunday / Heaven Is Blue / Surfin’ Impossible!. – ‘The Janice Long Session’ – Turning Me Upside Down / Get Out Of My Life / Danny Says / Baby Blue Marine/ Captain Fantastic.

THE GARDEN OF EDEN (Windsor April 1989) (Raving Pop Blast! POP BLAST 3) Strum / She Is So / Baby Blue Marine / Number One / Cloud 8 / The Back Of My Mind / Heaven Is Blue / Sometimes I Feel Unhappy /Big Black Plastic Explosion / Out Of My Mind.

HELLO, GOODBYE (Live Fleece August 90) Cloud 8/ The Best Part…/ Captain Fantastic / It Always Rains…/ Nancy Sinatra / Riot On Sunset Strip / Number One / Surfin’ Into Your Heart / Couldn’T Get To Sleep /Close / Plug / Baby Blue Marine. (Live At The Folk House.. August 2001 The One Off Reunion!) Heaven Is Blue / It Always Rains…/ In The Summertime / Just A Silly Phase I’m Going Through / Nancy Sinatra / Couldn’t Get To Sleep / The Best Part…/ Surfin’ Into Your Heart / Big Black Plastic Explosion / Baby Blue Marine.


The Reverend Jonny Kinkaid?


You may now call yourself an official Dudeist Priest. You can also call yourself a Reverend, Minister, Cleric, Rabbi, or whatever you like. If you’re interested in officiating at wedding ceremonies, please contact your local county clerk first to see if they recognize your new status as an ordained Minister.


Freedom. What is it? Am I free?

It’s 2029, I’m cold, my flesh is weak and my mind is fading. 84 is a curious age to have reached all things considered and recently I have been think of her for the first time in many years. Although to say thinking is perhaps the wrong way of saying it. She has been visiting me, well, visiting my mind, my thoughts. I think it’s her, there is something about the way her eyes pierce through  me that makes me think it’s her. My mind is weak and my flesh is cold and I remember less and less….
She’s asking if I have found freedom. Have I?
Freedom. What is it? Am I free? That’s what we fought for and I  certainly ‘think’ im free.  to say what I want, to go where I want. To think what I want. But is this freedom real. If a slave  dreams they are free are they really free? Perhaps in the dream they are free but when they wake they are still a slave. In this life I now have i am free. Free to express my thoughts to write them down on paper in any fashion I choose. I can pick whatever word I want and place it down with other other words to construct a sentence. The sentence could be anything, it could poetically conjure up an gabstract idea of Love or reality itself. I could write about going to the shop to buy some milk and that the shop keeper seemed not to like me. He looked at me in a certain way that made me want to hit him. JBut of course I wouldn’t hit him, that would be wrong. I would be punished. Am I free to hit the shop keeper if I wanted to. Is this freedom?
If Violence and distruction is the only true expression of total freedom then is it possible for everyone to be free. Is freedom only measured against the freedom you take from others.
The idea of violence can be created through words, smash, crack, burn.
‘I hit the shop keeper in the face, I smashed my fist against his nose and I head the crack of bones. He fell to floor with blood pouring from his wounds. I lifted my boot and stamped repeatedly’ within a few moments I had removed whatever freedom the shop keeper believed he had but I had achieved complete freedom. I was the master of my world and no one could stop me.
Freedom,  an abstract concept difficult to quantify

2029 (1984 sequal), a rock opera.

After the events that took place in 1984, Winston Smith was left a broken man but then what? Shortly after this the ‘underground’ makes contact and Smith goes into hiding. His story is serialised in the underground pamphlet known as the ‘freedom-Zine’. His story inspires the people to rise up and during the summer of ’17 the revolutions final bloody battle takes place and as a national hero Smith is installed as world president. The years pass and in 2029, now aged 84, smith is tormented by delusional visions of his true love, Julia. She tells him that they will soon be together, that she is alive and well living in a utopian world in another dimension but to make the trans dimensional journey he must fix the dying sun. Alone in his space ship he watches the his home world descends back into war and humanity is all but wiped out and he can no longer return. saddened by the realisation that it is all a delusion he sets the controls for the heart of the sun. But then what happens…….



Julia’s theme

Summer of ’17


Julia’ 84

So here’s the plan

This is happening this sat 29th. It’s the expresso bongo/environmental studies happening. I’m on at 7pm. Karen are on at 1.30pm mark is on at 5ish. I’ll be playing my acoustic and I’ll be doing some songs from the forth coming double EP release plus 2 new songs and 2 old songs. 

It will be a bit like this…. 

But I’ll be standing up. 

New Session

Find out when you can hear my session on Rockers at  Dandelion Radio by Clicking HERE

I know that tomorrow, election day, you can hear rockers Show at 10pm. Just as the polls close. Take some time out to tune in brfore checking out the results!!!!