2029 (1984 sequal), a rock opera.

After the events that took place in 1984, Winston Smith was left a broken man but then what? Shortly after this the ‘underground’ makes contact and Smith goes into hiding. His story is serialised in the underground pamphlet known as the ‘freedom-Zine’. His story inspires the people to rise up and during the summer of ’17 the revolutions final bloody battle takes place and as a national hero Smith is installed as world president. The years pass and in 2029, now aged 84, smith is tormented by delusional visions of his true love, Julia. She tells him that they will soon be together, that she is alive and well living in a utopian world in another dimension but to make the trans dimensional journey he must fix the dying sun. Alone in his space ship he watches the his home world descends back into war and humanity is all but wiped out and he can no longer return. saddened by the realisation that it is all a delusion he sets the controls for the heart of the sun. But then what happens…….



Julia’s theme

Summer of ’17


Julia’ 84


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