April 23rd, the year 2017… 

April 23rd, the year 2017 and once again i find myself back in this strange place, surrounded by archaic machinery with dials and levers glowing in the dim light. The Mysterious Mr Rocker is sat with his back to me murmuring about some kind of vindaloo he’d experimented with the night before, I don’t know if he is talking to me , himself or some unseen spirit ghost.

Sparks begin to fly as he plugs a cable into the back of an electronic desk contraption. My eyes follow the wire down to the ground and along the floor towards my feet. My heart stops a beat with horror as i realise the wire splits in two and runs up either leg and up to my head where it is fastened to my temples  with gaffa tape. My gaze turns back to Mr Rocker and he is looking straight at me with what can only be described as a friendly smile.

What have you done? i ask.

‘Its the only way’ he replies. By extracting your innermost thoughts, dreams and fears we’ll finally be able to defeat them’.

Defeat who? I demand

Why, the fascist of course, who else…………

I wake in a cold sweat. It was just dream. Its must’ve been a dream surly. We defeated the fascists long ago…..

Didn’t we…..?

Welcome to the Velvet Session…. 


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